Bride-To-Be Guide

As a bride you have to make so many decisions. Starting from the colour of your gown, to its style, veil or no veil, hairstyle, bouquet colour, hanging or holding bouquet, bracelet or watch, the perfect shoes and so forth. The choices are endless, as are the combinations. We have summarised our top bridal jewellery looks here, visit our Pinterest boards for more bride-to-be ideas.

The Traditional Bride

You are going for that classic, graceful and timeless look. Possibly wearing a gown passed through the generations or a bespoke gown that has that vintage look. You want to feel like a traditional bride and keep it as close to home as possible. Classic goes a long way and certain styles will always be considered timeless.

The Contemporary Bride

If you are that independent, bold and fashion forward girl then a trendy bridal set is what you are looking for. A sleek wedding gown designed by only the finest designer will complement our a la mode diamond set.

The No Fuss Bride

You want it to be an elegant and close-knit family affair with none of the drama. Nonetheless your gown will be just perfect accompanied with solitaire studs or diamond drop earrings. Perhaps even a simple tennis necklace and bracelet. It’s all about comfort, minimalism and you as your original self – not hidden behind an enormous gown or a ton of makeup.

The Princess Bride

It is your big day, dress up to your hearts desire! Go all out! If this is you then you want something thats elaborate, royal and just pure glamour! No one will judge you, you’re the bride so dress up and get decked up with our fabulous diamond sets.

With a range of 150 plus bridal sets, there is sure to be something for you at our boutiques! But we know its your big day so we can custom create your dream jewellery. With our award-winning design team your thoughts can be brought to life at our manufacturing facility in Dubai.

So dream away, and let us take care of the rest!

‘Tis the Season


With Christmas just around the corner, here are some unique Christmas presents for your loved ones. Whether it’s a reindeer, snowman, snowflake or Santa on his sleigh – our charms collection has it all! Wear it as a brooch, a pendant or let it dangle free from your charm bracelet! Choose your favourite Festive element and spread the joy.

This Christmas give your loved ones something truly memorable. Something thats more than just a gift. Did you know Tanzanite is gemstone of the month for December? This radiant blue gemstone is one of the rarest known gemstones. Its iridescent violet blue hues are mesmerising and when combined with diamonds – there are no words to explain the beauty! Tanzanite rings are the perfect frosty jewel for the festive season for her! Make the right statement with your gifts this Christmas.

Be My Valentine

This Valentines day write your story in diamonds with La Marquise!

Our Be My Valentine collection presents a series of love inspired pendants and bracelets to celebrate the occasion. This collection is inspired by the many facets of love; its infinite depth, sheer power and intensity. There is something for everyone, for the couple with their newly blossomed love to those couples who have golden years to look back to. Love should be celebrated and what better way to celebrate something everlasting like love than with diamonds that really are forever.

Our picks from our Be My Valentine collection are:

Key to your Heart pendant

A dual stranded layered necklace brings to life the concept of holding the key to ones heart. The purity, sanctity and honesty of love are explored in this expression of love embellished with diamonds. The layered necklace is a growing trend that is well encapsulated in this creation.

Move Her Heart

Sitting on a rounded rail, a diamond studded heart moves along this pendant. The moving diamond heart adds an element of playfulness, fun and friendship which forms the basis of every strong relationship. This unique piece is perfect for everyday wear and is sure to move her heart! There is also a variation with a pair of hearts moving along the rounded rail playfully. This design is most suited to those opting for the minimalist look. This design comes as a bracelet as well as a pendant to suit your preference.

Forever Love 

The everlasting notion of love being infinite is highlighted in this pendant. A full diamond embellished pendant and a half diamond pendant are available. Simply tell her how much you love her with this classic yet meaningful piece.

Unlock Love

The key to life is love and with love all is possible. Indulge in love with our diamond encrusted heart lock and key pendant that unlocks a universe of romance, happiness and companionship. Take a risk and tell her you love her with the symbol of love this Valentines!

We have a range of items in this collection, with variations in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

How to buy the perfect gift?

Choosing a gift for someone else has got to be one of the most demanding tasks! You are unsure of whether its their style or whether it shows enough thought, is it meaningful enough? It is as simple as deciding between baking a cake or getting a store bought one? The thought, love, time and attention to detail spent in baking a cake cannot be compared to getting something off the shelf. The sheer effort of baking a cake wins over the heart! Show your love, dedication, thought and commitment to your relationship and bond with a completely customised, one of a kind gift. With our customised jewellery you have the power to set your own budget as well as play with diamonds, styles and gemstones within that range.

For Her

Play a chord of friendship, care and love for her with our trendy jewelled baubles. Know her favourite colour, or perhaps birth stone? Get her that coloured gemstone as a bracelet, ring, earrings or pendant! With our Petra collection you can customise right down to the colour of 18 K gold – yellow, rose or white.

If you are not sure about likes and dislikes don’t complicate the process, you can just get her initials embellished in gold or diamonds on mother of pearl. Made just for her without any hassle and without knowing about her preferences – for all those men out there – this will be your saving grace! Get her a personalised and thoughtful gift without pulling out your hair! You will love Petra!

Have a low budget? Go for dainty charms that she can simply add on to her own charm bracelet. Convert those cherished memories, experiences and unforgettable moments and places that you share with loved ones into tangible jewellery trinkets.

For Him

Get him a stylish pair of cuff links. Cuff links are a must have for any man. Why not give him his very own personalised set of cuff links. Spoil him with these superb fashion accessories. For no additional cost you can even get them engraved.

Is he the sort who cannot wear a tie without a tie pin? There you have it, the ideal gift. Even accessories like money clips make great gifts – wallets have been so overdone. Get him a custom designed money clip that will sort out his ‘I have too many cards in my wallet’ complaints.

Men’s accessories are on the rise and with so many options available in the market you are bound to find one that does not break the bank.