At La Marquise, we understand that time is crucial and hence we are constantly investing into the right resources. With an average growth of 20% year-on-year, we are always on the lookout and offer opportunities through the three different business verticals.
Wholesale diamond jewelry manufacturer Dubai


Right from sourcing of raw materials to delivery of finished article, we offer various roles through the manufacturing unit. Designers, Finance, Craftsman… everyone’s welcome.


The world is our oyster; we are constantly looking to bring our brand to foreign shores, which opens up a range of sales and business development roles. Fair warning: There will be a surge in air miles collected.


With numerous point-of-sales across the globe, we hire people with positive outlooks to help be our frontline brand ambassadors. This is done through management and on-ground resources.

Job openings

Creative Design Team

CAD Designer
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hand Designer
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Graphic Design Intern
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Manufacturing Unit

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Product Development

Product Specialist
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


General Manager
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Boutique Manager
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Boutique Sales Representative
Moscow, Russia

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