The La Marquise story commenced with the transformation of precious stones into spectacular pieces of fine jewellery, which are unique and splendid in its formation. Fast forward to the current day and La Marquise has grown into a global chain of retail boutiques located in major shopping malls, five-star hotels and select duty-free’s. Appealing to all tastes with a wide variety of exquisite and trendsetting designs, La Marquise’s customised approach and inclusive portfolio has attracted the attention of fashionable socialites and is graced by women belonging to almost every segment of the society. Every jewellery article is backed with a certificate of authenticity, providing clear information of stones to assure complete transparency.

Our award-winning creative and production team is backed by a dedicated team of sales professionals who strive to educate and understand each Client’s personal needs, which enriches the shopping experience. Currently along with its retailing presence in ten locations across UAE and Russia, the company also has a strong presence in Belgium, Turkey, Brazil, USA and India.

Diamond and emerald jewelry Dubai


We design and manufacture unique pieces using state-of-the-art equipment with cutting edge technology advancements, updated every year to ensure the highest standards in quality.



The quality craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery takes expertise and skill, both of which can be found within the walls of our workshop.



All gemstones are ethically-sourced and Kimberley Process compliant. We positively promote ethical, social and environmental practices through the entire value chain.