Award Winning Diamond Bangle

La Marquise took part in a Heritage Jewellery Design competition in Dubai. The competition revolved around the concept of bringing back jewels of traditional times. Jewellery back in the day was very much inspired by surroundings and materials available. With this challenge the La Marquise team set to work to develop a unique and beautiful design that brought to life the rich heritage of the region.

Inspiration & Design

The inspiration for our award winning design is from the traditional art of basket weaving from “Al Khous” which are dried palm fronds. The interwoven braids are reminiscent of the rich culture of the region and what used to be its’ primary industry; pearl fishery. The bangle amalgamates the raw “Al Khous” and the woven “Al Khous” to mimic the wondrous nature of the craft of basket weaving. The bangle was designed as an ode to this craft that countless Arab generations have practised. An artistic piece, the bangle consists of strands of gold (original form of “Al Khous”) stemming from the diamond band, whilst the diamond band is the end product; weaved “Al Khous”.

The Result

La Marquise was awarded as one of the winners of the Jewellery Design Competition at the VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show. Our talented jewellery designer was all smiles as he proudly held his creation!

Top Trending Engagement Rings

Take comfort in the fact that nowadays the engagement ring trend is quite diverse, you have so many options to choose from! It is no longer just that round brilliant cut diamond ring that fits the description, people are edging towards more unique designs, cuts and stones. But a diamond is a must, whatever type of engagement ring you choose.

Selecting an engagement ring is more than just a sentimental decision. It is a ring that you will be wearing everyday hence you need to be sure of its versatility, whether it can be worn daily and most importantly if it suits your hand in terms of size and colour. Remember, it is not always the biggest diamond that looks the best!

Lets have a look at the popular engagement trends for the fashion savvy brides to be!

Twin Rings: The Perfect Pair

This particular style of engagement rings is considered quite a wise and fashion forward move as you can buy your engagement ring with a matching wedding band. This way you get the freedom to wear both your special rings together. Who wants to go through the dilemma of whether to wear the wedding band or engagement ring? These twin rings are available in a range of styles from contemporary to classic. You can even mix and match the band and ring. The band in these twin rings is usually an Eternity ring. Eternity rings symbolise eternal love with an infinite loop of diamonds.

Twin rings are stunning on their own and a perfect pair together.

The Big Look: Touch Bands

Looking for an engagement ring that dazzles all? This is the one! The ideal choice if you are looking for that glamorous “big” look. These diamond interlocking rings with an effortlessly smooth twist design are ultra stylish! They fit together like a puzzle and look like one piece when worn together. For the Diva in you, touch bands are the way to go.

Rosy Pink Hues of Gold

Rose gold appears to be a leading trend in fine jewellery recently and is the colour of the season. Its subtle warm glow with hues of pink complements all skin tones. Rose gold has a sophisticated and romantic essence which looks stunning when paired with white diamonds. Even if you want that classic ring style, go for rose gold as it will give your ring that touch of individuality.