How to buy the perfect gift?

Choosing a gift for someone else has got to be one of the most demanding tasks! You are unsure of whether its their style or whether it shows enough thought, is it meaningful enough? It is as simple as deciding between baking a cake or getting a store bought one? The thought, love, time and attention to detail spent in baking a cake cannot be compared to getting something off the shelf. The sheer effort of baking a cake wins over the heart! Show your love, dedication, thought and commitment to your relationship and bond with a completely customised, one of a kind gift. With our customised jewellery you have the power to set your own budget as well as play with diamonds, styles and gemstones within that range.

For Her

Play a chord of friendship, care and love for her with our trendy jewelled baubles. Know her favourite colour, or perhaps birth stone? Get her that coloured gemstone as a bracelet, ring, earrings or pendant! With our Petra collection you can customise right down to the colour of 18 K gold – yellow, rose or white.

If you are not sure about likes and dislikes don’t complicate the process, you can just get her initials embellished in gold or diamonds on mother of pearl. Made just for her without any hassle and without knowing about her preferences – for all those men out there – this will be your saving grace! Get her a personalised and thoughtful gift without pulling out your hair! You will love Petra!

Have a low budget? Go for dainty charms that she can simply add on to her own charm bracelet. Convert those cherished memories, experiences and unforgettable moments and places that you share with loved ones into tangible jewellery trinkets.

For Him

Get him a stylish pair of cuff links. Cuff links are a must have for any man. Why not give him his very own personalised set of cuff links. Spoil him with these superb fashion accessories. For no additional cost you can even get them engraved.

Is he the sort who cannot wear a tie without a tie pin? There you have it, the ideal gift. Even accessories like money clips make great gifts – wallets have been so overdone. Get him a custom designed money clip that will sort out his ‘I have too many cards in my wallet’ complaints.

Men’s accessories are on the rise and with so many options available in the market you are bound to find one that does not break the bank.

A Rare Gemstone…

Tanzanite is one of the rarest known gemstones, after diamonds of course. Tanzanite is only found in a small patch of land near to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Unlike rubies, sapphires and emeralds that have been around for centuries this gemstone has not and nor will it stay for long. It is often referred to as a generation stone because it may not exist after this generation; given it only has one source. It is likely that Tanzanite jewellery will be part of the heirloom category, and the pieces will be passed down to future generations and who knows what its value will be then!

Aside from its rarity, the stone itself is an iridescent violet blue with remarkable hues that compliment diamonds. White gold, diamonds and Tanzanite are absolutely dreamy together. We have an exclusive collection of Tanzanite jewellery focusing on hand crafted designs by our best artisans. We have encapsulated the beauty of Tanzanite for generations to come.

Jewels of the hand

Innovation is rampant even in the world of jewellery. Hand jewels have evolved from the traditional bracelet and ring to the “hand bracelet”, “palm bracelet” and even the “handlet”. These beauties are so enchanting that you will be glancing down at your jewel-encrusted hand all night long! We have a range of these sophisticated creations that make the ultimate fashion statement.

These fun amalgamations are exquisitely designed to be as fluid as ones hand. We owe it to our master craftsmen for developing these jewels in such a way that they simply shadow the movement of your fingers and hand. You will be wearing these for the night, so your comfort is of ultimate importance.

If you are looking for that unique piece of bling that will shower you with compliments – the palm bracelet is it!

The evolving world of jacket earrings

The hoops, studs and dangling earrings era comes to an end. It’s about time too! The fashion world has been fast to adopt jacket earrings. These jacket earrings have amped up ear drama in the last few years. Now, jacket earrings have a whole new look – sleek and dainty. Their intricate detailing makes ear jackets ideal for office wear and causal outings. They may even become a daily staple!

She said Yes!

He popped the question, she said yes, thats how the story goes. They wanted to celebrate their engagement with close friends and family to seal the deal! The gorgeous, Mina Al Sheikhly is the lucky girl in this story!

Mina gives everyone a chance to see what her engagement is going to be like as she walks us through the process of selecting the perfect diamond set for her engagement. Watch this video by Hia Magazine that beautifully captures Mina and her diamond studded moments at La Marquise at Mall of the Emirates. Mina wasn’t worried about mixing and matching her jewellery to achieve that ideal look. She picked out a stunning necklace that complimented both her neckline and the overall contemporary yet princess like feel of her gown. Mina really has an eye for jewellery as she picked out the Dancing Earrings that dangle just about the right length. The earrings add some sparkle to her ears without taking away from the sophisticated elegance she wanted – we have all had that situation where our earrings are just too big!

Special moments from her fairytale engagement soirée are too cute for words, the soon to be wed couple look perfect together!

La Marquise products in focus: Diamond Vines necklace and earrings, Classic bracelet and Dancing earrings.

Who will be the #FairestOfFall?

A warm cup of coffee, marshmallows and hot chocolate, an autumn breeze, shades of oranges, browns and mustards, the crunch of fallen leaves – are you feeling the colours of fall?

Fall into a splendour of jewels tinted with the shades of autumn. We predict semi-precious stones and precious stones to be predominant on the fall fashion front. Flaunt the trendy, fashion forward jacket earrings, hand jewels and finger rings to make a bold statement!

Need for speed & diamonds?

Our dazzling diamonds set against the flashy backdrop of Lamborghinis – a match made in heaven. Featuring the gorgeous Hadia Ghaleb at the Lamborghini showroom in Dubai we had a fabulous time with them both!