Flex cuffs in the spotlight

There has been a movement away from thick bangles and cuffs. Could this be minimalistic jewellery taking the spotlight? What can we say, these cute flex cuffs have just the right amount of bling to wear to work, to the kids play date, parent teacher conference and even that cocktail party. It has evolved into a daily staple for many, we aren’t complaining because they are simply gorgeous.

If you are one to go for versatile styles, these flex bangles make it so easy. Priced at a lower price point than a diamond studded bracelet these simple cuffs can be paired with absolutely anything.Our favourite pairing during the day is with a watch, this is ideal for a work day. In the evenings go bold with two or three cuffs on one wrist. We know comfort is priority so these cuffs are super flexible and easy to slip on and off.

Pick out a flex bangle that matches your style; with pearls, gemstones or diamonds. It’s a keeper!

The legacy of the choker

Its back! Be it as wisps of beaded strings, ribbons, definite shapes or even chains – the choker is doing its rounds. The choker was first considered ultra chic in the 1990s but its existence has been prevalent throughout history. The choker has been a fashion accessory used by many civilizations ranging from the Masaai in Africa who used native American beads and shells to make chokers. Even the ribbon choker was initially popularised in France and Europe, whilst England was all about those classic strands of pearls wound around ones neck. The 90s focused on retro style chokers, the stretchable tattoo chokers, studded and spiked ones.

At present the fashion world is flaunting all of these choker styles. Yes, we are talking ribbon, diamond, velvet, pearls, chains, solid gold and gemstone chokers. For a day look the simple and discrete chain choker is ideal. We also have some extravagant diamond embellished chokers that are just dreamy. Want to feel like a princess? Our mesmerising white gold and pear marquise diamond choker will transport you to an era of kingdoms and fairytales.